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Amber Ray Before Fame; Selling Matumbo, Relationships & Kids


Amber Ray, a controversial socialite in Kenya is also a businessperson model and a fashion consultant. 

She is not only well known for her lavish lifestyle but also controversial relationships with several famous men. 

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Amber Ray Instagram: Image courtesy

What is Amber Ray Kenya real name?

Amber Ray real name, Faith Makau was born on 3 November 1992. Despite gaining fame in the recent past, the socialite has managed to keep her family away from social media. 

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However despite not exposing her family on social media, Faith Makau cherishes her relatives a lot. 

According to Tuko Amber Ray sister ‘s name is Judy and her mother’s name is yet to be established. 

What does Amber Ray do for a living?

As mentioned above, Amber is an experienced lady in the business industry and is also a fashion consultant. 

But what was Amber Ray’s lifestyle before fame and money?

Amber lived a tough life after giving birth to her first child, when she was only 18.

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Faith Makau with her child before fame/ Image Courtesy

According to an article by Bizna Kenya, she used to stay in a single room in Githurai 45.

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She would do anything possible to make ends meet as her condition at the time was very bad. 

In order to survive, Amber Ray hawked matumbo (tripes), milk and even cereals. 

The socialite luckily  got a waitress job where she earned Shs 13,000 per month. 

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Faith Makau before fame/ Image Courtesy

Through hard work, Amber Ray became a millionaire at the age of 26 and bought her first car three years later. 

How many children does Amber Ray have? 

The socialite has two kids, a son and a daughter. Amber Ray son Gavin has always been seen on social media frequently as the latter never shy away from showcasing him.

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Amber with her son Gavin: Image courtesy/ Instagram

Who is Amber Ray’s baby daddy?

Before her high school education, the socialite was in a relationship with a police officer who is said to be Gavin’s father. 

According to Tuko, the two dated for around 8 years before breaking up. 

As per the article, Amber Ray baby almost killed her due to cheating allegations and this led to their separation. 

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Faith Makau Instagram: Image courtesy

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Other Amber Ray relationships

Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda 

After some time, Amber met Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda when she was shooting her first video gig. 

At the time, Zaheer was married to his first wife Aaliyah. However Zaheer became Amber Ray husband as she became his second wife. Their relationship would not last long soon after Aaliyah discovered their association.


Shortly after breaking up with Zaheer, Amber Ray dated Kenyan Singer Syd before breaking up after only two months.

Brown Mauzo 

Ray didn’t give up after her break up as she fell in love with another Kenyan Singer Brown Mauzo. Their relationship lasted barely a year.

Jimal Roho Safi

Amber dated Jimal Roho Safi despite the businessman being married and having kids. After Jimal’s wife Amira knew about the relationship, Amber and his lover parted ways.

Ibb Kabba

Amber got into a relationship with the basketball player from Sierra Leone immediately after breaking up with Jimal. However the relationship ended 3 weeks after they made it public.

Kennedy Rapudo 

The socialite moved on quickly after breaking up with Kabba as she started dating businessman Rapudo. 

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Kennedy Rapudo and Amber: Image courtesy

However their relationship has been full of drama up to date. 

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