Binti Kiziwi vixen Biography

Why Binti Kiziwi Vixen Was Jailed for 5 Years Just After She Became Famous 

Binti kiziwi vixen real name, Sandra Khan first came to limelight after she was featured in Z Anto’s hit song Binti kiziwi. 

She captured the attention of most East Africans with her rare beauty but she later went missing for several years. 

Binti Kiziwi vixen

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When was Binti kiziwi song released? 

Z Anto released the romantic song back in 2007 hence taking East Africa by storm. In addition to the romantic words in the song, Sandra Khan was also the main reason for Binti kiziwi’s success.

Binti Kiziwi vixen Biography

However it’s been over a decade now and the fame of the Binti kiziwi vixen has faded. 

In this segment, Times Digital takes a look at the life of Sandra Khan, Binti kiziwi vixen years after she became famous.

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What happened to Binti kiziwi vixen?

After Binti Kiziwi became an anthem in East Africa, Sandra Khan fell in love with Z Anto who was at the time leading a flashy lifestyle

Sadly, their relationship ended three years later forcing the Binti kiziwi vixen to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Binti Kiziwi vixen Wikipedia

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Sandra turned into a drug trafficker and in 2013 was when she was captured by the relevant authority while at the Hong Kong airport. 

Due to this, Sandra Khan was sentenced to 5 years in jail in China. 

She didn’t want to see her friends, family, or anyone close to her while she was incarcerated since she felt bad about herself and didn’t want them to witness her miserable situation.

Binti Kiziwi vixen child

The Binti Kiziwi vixen completed the sentence in 2019 when she returned to her home country Tanzania. 

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Where is Binti kiziwi vixen?

Binti Kiziwi vixen age

According to K24 Digital, Sandra Khan lives in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Binti Kiziwi Vixen has not been featured in a project with any other person apart from Z Anto upto date. 

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