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Chantelle Naisola of Becky real name, Winnie Wambui Naisola Ole Siameto, first came to limelight with her hit song Tokelezea. 

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Chantelle was very young at the time she became popular but her popularity was short-lived as she ceased from realizing more music. 

However years later Chantelle Naisola joined the movie industry where she has become a household name yet again. 

Chantelle Naisola of Becky real life
Chantelle Naisola Instagram: PHOTO COURTESY

In this article, Times Digital is going to look at the life of Chantelle Naisola of Becky outside acting and away from the public. 

Chantelle Naisola of Becky career 

Chantelle is now one of the most popular actors in the CitizenTV Becky show. In the show, Chantelle Naisola of Becky, is a close friend to the main actress Lucy Maina. 

She is always ready to help and find quick solutions when her friend Becky is in any trouble. This has made her a fan favorite among the Becky Citizen TV audience. 

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Becky Citizen TV series/ PHOTO COURTESY

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Prior to the Citizen TV series, Chantelle Naisola of Becky played different roles in other shows.

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For instance, In the love story Plan B she portrayed the character Mumbi. 

Also, Chantelle Naisola worked as the assistant director of Nairobby, another series.

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Chantelle Naisola of Becky Biography

Chantelle Naisola (age), was born in 1988 hence she is about 35 years old. 

Chantelle Naisola of Becky songs
Chantelle Naisola of Becky: PHOTO COURTESY /Instagram

Growing up, Chantelle Naisola dreamt of being a TV journalist or an airhostess , and she still believes to fulfill her dream upto date. 

Who is the husband of Chantelle Naisola

Chantelle Naisola of Becky is currently not married but she is known to have been in love in the recent past. 

Chantelle Naisola of Becky tribe
Chantelle Naisola Instagram : PHOTO COURTESY

The Becky actress was in love with famous video director J Blessing where they spent at least 5 years in their relationship.

Chantelle Naisola and J Blessing parted ways just after they lost their infant kid. 

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