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5 Famous Kenyan Musicians Deaths That Left a Huge Gap in the Music Industry

Renowned Kenyan musicians deaths

The music industry in Kenya has produced many artists throughout the years especially in the past two decades. 

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However just a few musicians have had the ability to earn legendary status having produced outstanding and classic songs. Sadly, some of them died in different ways but their songs have still been influential in the nation even after their departure.

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Now, Times Digital  discusses some of the most famous deaths of Kenyan musicians that touched the hearts of music lovers across the country and even in East Africa.


Issah Mmari Wangui was among the inventors of modern music in Kenya during the early 2000s. He is popularly known for his classic and hit songs Boomba Train, Moss Moss and Leo.

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How did E-sir die?

The sudden death of the promising musician occurred during his peak just a few years after his breakthrough. The sad incident that shocked the entire nation, took place in 2003 at a deadly car accident. 

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Though E-sir has been dead for over 2 decades, his iconic music still lives in the hearts of Kenyans.


Just like E-sir, K-rupt was one of the most sought after musicians in Kenya for his memorable and unique lyrics. Having had success within only two years, the rapper met his untimely death in 2003 (the same year as E-sir).

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This happened while he was traveling in a matatu from Nanyuki to Nakuru where he was shot to death. 

Mighty King Kong

Paul Otieno Imbaya alias Mighty King Kong who was a dancehall and reggae artist in Kenya was popularly known for his ‘Ladies Choice’ hit song. He was just among the few reggae artists in Kenya but his death cut short his promising talent. 

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King Kong died at Kenyatta National hospital (KNH), in 2007 and the cause of his death was reportedly due to poisoning.

Wiki Mosh

Wiki Mosh was most famous because of his hit song ‘Atoti’ in which he featured another iconic singer Maji Maji. 

How did Wiki Mosh die?

The Luo singer died in a shocking way as he was hit by a bus as he returned home from Chaguo la Teeniz gig in Carnivore, Nairobi. 

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After the accident, the rogue driver disappeared without a trace but Wiki was rushed to hospital by a good Samaritan. Sadly, a few moments later, he was announced dead.

Lady S

Lady S was among the few female artists in Kenya in the mid 2000s as it was rare for a woman to hit in the male dominated industry. 

One of her most successes in the music industry is being featured in ‘Ukimwona’ hit song by Pilipili. She also did other solo projects which were successful as well.

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How did Lady S die?

The female rapper did not live to raise her legendary status in the music industry as she untimely died in 2007.

Lady S died in Thika Road through a road accident just a  few days before she was to travel to the UK in what would be her first ever international concert. Upto date, her great songs are still listened to by Kenya’s who adore her talent.


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