From Earning Ksh 30 Million To Picking Tea Leaves: Sad Story Of A Famous Kenyan Athlete

From Earning Ksh 30 Million To Picking Tea Leaves: Sad Story Of A Famous Kenyan Athlete

Over the years, Kenyans have dominated marathon running, sprinting to the finish line while their worn-out rivals were barely able to make it. They have overturned their own and other people’s records in the process.

Delilah Asiago
Photo courtesy: Kenya Athletes In a past competition

In regards to the above takes a look the sad story of Delilah Asiago who went from Riches to Rags even after earning million of Dollars while she was an active athlete in Kenya.

Delilah Asiago
Photo courtesy:Delilah Asiago During a past competition

Kenyan-born Delilah Asiago is a retired athlete. Her speciality was running long distances, including full marathons.

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Delilah Asiago Suspension after doping allegations

After testing positive for doping during the 1999 Saint Silvester Race, Asiago was suspended for two years.She did, however, remain active after winning the Dubai Marathon in 2006.

Delilah Asiago Achievements

Asiago won gold in a number of competitions during the 1990s, including the Bay to Breakers event, when she set a 12-kilometer world record, the All Africa Games, the World Championships, and the Steamboat Classic.

video courtesy/Citizen Digital

She made millions of dollars in the process by winning gold at major international competitions. But now, in Cherangany, Trans Nzoia County, the former athlete picks tea.

Delilah Asiago
Photo courtesy: Delilah Asiago picking tea leaves

The athlete reportedly received up to Ksh30 million for winning races and shattering world records; she spent some of that money on opulent cars, according to an article by

In an Interview with a local media house, she admitted that she was unable to explain how she used her millions but advised other sportsmen to be careful of their wealth since it might be squandered and in the process leaving them poor.

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