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10 Most Handsome Luo Men in Kenya

Handsome Luo men in Kenya ;

The Luo community is well known for its love for living lavish lifestyles, material wealth and admirable eloquence. 

In addition, the Luo nation has both attractive men and women who are known for their amazing looks and trendy dress codes. 

Babu Owino, one of the handsome Luo men in Kenya
Babu Owino, one of the most handsome Luo men

Now, Times Digital explores the most handsome Luo men in the country. 

Top 10 Handsome Luo Men 

Babu Owino

The Embakasi East member is not only popular across the country but also one of the most handsome Luo men in Kenya. 

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Babu Owino Facebook: PHOTO COURTESY

Babu Owino’s great appearance has made him a darling of most women in the country. 

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Otile Brown

Otile Brown (Jacob Obunga) is a well-known Kenyan actor, musician, and song composer.

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Otile Brown, one of the most handsome Luo Men : PHOTO COURTESY

He’s become one of Kenya’s most successful musicians because to his charisma and fashionable wardrobe.

Larry Madowo

The former NTV news anchor is easily one of most handsome Luo men in Kenya.

What happened to Larry Madowo? 

He is now an international correspondent for CNN based In Nairobi. 

Prince Indah

Prince Indah whose real name is Evans Ochieng Owino is now recognized as the king of Luo (ohangla) music. Apart from his prowess in the music industry, Prince Indah is also good looking. 

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Prince Indah Facebook: PHOTO COURTESY

King Kaka

Popularly known as King kaka, Kennedy Ombima is obviously one of the best rappers in Kenya. 

In addition, King kaka is also good looking and this has won the hearts of many Kenyan women. 

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Trevor Ombija 

The Ramogi TV Journalist has become very popular due to his commanding sound and physical appearance. 

Before joining Ramogi, Trevor Ombija worked with Citizen TV and NTV. 

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Denis Oliech 

Dennis Oliech an legendary Kenyan Footballer, is well known due to his great talent and attractive looks. 

James Orengo

The Siaya Governor has been in politics for many years and he has maintained his good looks. 

Abenny Jachiga

Also an ohangla singer, Abenny Jachiga  has gained fame due to his good looks. 

Johnny Junior

John Odhiambo Orondo, Johny Junior is arguably the king of local rhumba. Apart from his passion for music, his physical appearance is also key to his success.


Alexandre Kimanzi

“Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value.”

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