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Jeff Koinange’s High-end Cars, Houses, & Mouth Watering Salary


JKL host Jeff Koinange is a darling of many news lovers in Kenya mostly due to his eloquence and deep voice while broadcasting in both TV and radio. 

Apart from his passion in news reporting, Jeff has been inspiration to Kenyans with his charisma and flamboyant lifestyle. 

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In this segment, Times Digital explores some of the most expensive things (cars, houses) owned by the veteran media personality.

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How much does Jeff Koinange earn?

Jeff Koinange’s salary is ranked as one of the top among media personalities in Kenya. The vocal journalist is reportedly paid a salary of around Shs. 2 million per month at Royal Media services (where he works at both Citizen TV and Hot 96)

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What expensive things does Jeff Koinange own?

Jeff who has worked with major media stations in Kenya and abroad (CNN) is undoubtedly in love with expensive things.

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This is evident with his continuous purchase of designer clothes, expensive watches, cars and incredible houses.

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What car does Jeff Koinange drive?

Jeff Koinange, who is well known for his lavish lifestyle, mostly drives a black Mercedes G550 wagon alias ‘The Beast’.

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The flamboyant news anchor reportedly bought the vehicle for around Shs 15 million. On top of the Mercedes G550 wagon, Jeff drives other expensive cars but mostly prefers the former.

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Jeff Koinange’s investment in business

Apart from his personal properties, Jeff has also ventured into the business world. 

Together with his fellow media personality Grace Musalame, they have invested in a brand fashion, Mali Living.

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Mali Living, has specialized in premium watches and sunglasses and this has served as another source of income for Jeff.

Jeff Koinange house pictures

In addition to the expensive properties owned by the JKL host, he is definitely a lover of posh houses. 

According to Tuko News, Jeff Koinange has two 4 bedroomed houses in Kitisuru estate. 

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The former CNN journalist has been residing in one of the villas and renting the other, which he had previously utilized to store his pieces of art.

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The multimillion four-bedroom houses are situated on a 0.067-acre plot of land and both have a servant’s quarter. 

Additionally, the residences of Jeff Koinange have a parking space, a swimming pool, and CCTV surveillance.


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