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Kipungani Explorer, Kenyatta Family Hotel That Charges Upto 110k Per Night

The family of the founding father of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta has invested in almost every sector in Kenya.

From owning companies, a school and even real estates, the family has majored in entrepreneurship. 

The Kenyatta family has also heavily invested in  several hotels which have been a source of revenue in their huge fortune. 

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One of the hotels owned by the Kenyatta family is the Kipungani Explorer, located in Lamu Island.

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In this segment, Times Digital explores more about Kipungani Explorer, its services and how it has helped the neighboring community.

Kipungani Explorer’s ecotourism

The people of neighboring Kipungani Village share a particularly cordial relationship with Kipungani Explorer. The village provides the resort with all of its seafood as well as the supplies needed to repair the bandas and boats, and is home to half of its workforce.

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Kipungani Lamu: PHOTO COURTESY

Through a charitable “twinning” with Paint Pots Nursery School in London, Kipungani Explorer has assisted in the total rebuilding and equipping of Kipungani Primary School since 1999.

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Inside Kipungani explorer restaurant

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Nestled between a mangrove-lined waterway and a 12-kilometer stretch of white sand beach in Lamu, Kipungani Explorer boasts one of the most picturesque settings on the east African coast.

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Kipungani explorer restaurant: PHOTO COURTESY

For those looking for an authentic desert island vacation, the mouthwatering seafood, traditional Arabian performances, kayaking safaris, and diving and fishing excursions provide the ideal combination. 

For those looking for a truly island getaway where they can get away from it all, Kipungani Explorer is the ideal location.

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Kipungani explorer prices

The Kipungani Explorer charges its prices based on a night. All the visitors are expected to a spent a minimum of one day in the hotel. 

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The prices range  from $500-750 (around Shs 75,000-114,000) per night when sharing with another person. 

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Kipungani explorer services

The five star hotel in Kenya offers a variety of services to its clients. The services include Shuttle services, water sports, restaurant, Bar, Airport transfer and swimming pool among others.

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