Life of Lolani Kalu After Retiring From NTV

Life of Lolani Kalu After Retiring From NTV


Lolani Kalu became famous with his Malimwengu show on NTV in the early 2000s. 

He was among the few journalists who changed the media industry in Kenya in the 2000s, alongside Richard Chacha, Robert Nagila and Basset Bayuka among others. 

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However after 2 decades, Lolani Kalu has rarely been seen on the TV screens. 

In this segment, Times Digital explores his life after he retired from NTV. 

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Lolani Kalu struggles after leaving NTV 

After working for almost 17 years for Nation media, Lolani Kalu unexpectedly exited NTV in 2017.

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However as soon as he left NTV, the media personality faced numerous challenges in life. 

For instance, Lolani Kalu father fell sick forcing him to use part of his retirement savings to help his dad seek treatment. 

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Lolani Kalu house 

Also, Kalu lost around Shs 1.5 Million as he planned to build a home in Kamulu. 

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This is after a contractor who happens to be his friend flew away with the money hence the project stopped immediately. 

Lolani Kalu Sultana role

Years after facing hardships, Kalu was featured in the famous Citizen TV drama series, Sultana Show

In the show, Lolani played as the grandfather and advisor of Sultana. 

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Lolani Kalu TV47 job 

Kalu was employed by TV47 on a one year contract in 2020.

His main job was to be a correspondent of the TV station owned by Prof Simon Gicharu, at the coast region. 

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Lolani with Jalang’o: PHOTO COURTESY


“I have signed a one-year deal with TV47, the opportunity came after fans saw me shooting my personal shows with one of the artists I was interviewing having TV47 branding. Fans called TV47 to find out if I had signed a deal with the station, and that prompted them to hand me a contract. I will be a coast regional reporter covering the six counties.” he said at the time

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