Former Arsenal and Manchester United footballer Mikeal Silvestre

10 Famous Footballers Who Played For Manchester United & Arsenal

It is with no doubt that Manchester United and Arsenal have been rivals for several years in the Premier League. 

This is proved with the fact that the Premier League championship was split between the red half of Manchester the Gunners from 1995 to 2004. 

During this period, the Old Trafford based club won six Premier League trophies while their counterparts took home only three.

Piers Morgan hands Cristiano Ronaldo an Arsenal Jersey
PHOTO COURTESY: Piers Morgan with Cristiano Ronaldo

The two teams competed for the title and ended in the top two spots in five of those seasons, from 1997–98 through 2000–01, and then again in 2002–03.

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This rivalry was complex. On the field, it was best exemplified by the conflict between Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira in the middle of the field, while in the manager’s box, it was Arsene Wenger’s modern tactics versus Sir Alex Ferguson’s alleged more conventional management style.

In the past few years, their animosity has mellowed down a bit with both teams struggling on the pitch. However Arsenal vs Man United is still one of the few fixtures Premier League faithful are always eager to watch each and every season.

Former Manchester United and Arsenal footballer Danny Welbeck
PHOTO COURTESY : Danny Welbeck

With the rival between these two Clubs, they have undoubtedly had some of the most talented and world-class footballers throughout the years. 

In this article, Times Digital is going to list some of the best football players who played for both the clubs in different period of time. 

Which team has beaten Arsenal the most? 

The team that has won most of the games in the Premier League against the red of North London happens to be their rivals Manchester United. 

The Gunners and Red Devils have faced off 61 times since the Premier League’s inception in 1992; they have each participated in every season of the top tier and will do so for a very long time now.

Former Manchester United and Arsenal footballer

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However United has a tiny edge over Arsenal in terms of overall record and has defeated them 101 times. 

Who defeated Manchester United the most? 

What happens to be very interesting is that the Red devils has also suffered most of its losses against the Gunners. The North London club has defeated the Red Devils for at least 74 times, as at the time of publishing this article. 

Arsenal to Manchester United transfers history 

Despite being fierce rivals with the Red devils in the Premier League, the North London club has in the past sold some of their key players to the Old Trafford based side.

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Some of the Arsenal players to be purchased directly by the red devils include George Graham, Robin Van Persie and Chilean international Alexis Sanchez.

Former Arsenal and Manchester United player Alexis Sanchez
PHOTO COURTESY: Alexis Sanchez who played for both the sides

Footballers who played for Arsenal and Manchester United 

  1. Dani Welbeck

Welbeck who is a former England international, is one of the modern players to directly switch from Old Trafford to Emirates stadium. In fact, he scored in his first game against the Red devils as played for the North London club. 

  1. Alexis Sanchez 

The Chilean international was one of the best players to play for Arsenal during the Emirates era. However, his decision to join Manchester United will always be regarded by the Gunners as betrayal of highest level.

  1. Robin Van Persie 

Regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation, Van Persie was lucky enough to also play for the two teams. We have listed below the other famous footballers who represented both the Premier League heavyweights in different occasions;

  1. Andy Cole 
  2. George Graham 
  3. Jimmy Rimmer 
  4. Brian Kidd 
  5. David Herd 
  6. Ian Ure
  7. Mikeal Silvestre

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