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Mysterious Crater in Kenya Where People Disappear Without a Trace 

Which is the mysterious crater in Kenya?

The Menengai crater located in Nakuru County, is surrounded with several mysteries which have mounted throughout the years. 

Apart from its mysteries, it is definitely the biggest crater (volcano caldera) in Kenya. 

As per reports, Menengai’s volcano was formed around 200,000 years ago whereas its caldera came into existence about 8,000 years ago. 

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Despite being dormant, the Menengai crater’s floor consists of hot spots where vapor is occasionally released by steam jets.

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Additionally fumarole activity can be seen in the center of the caldera, where a tiny cone rises above the surrounding lava.

What is Menengai crater known for?


This mysterious crater in Kenya is well known as a spiritual and sacred place that has drawn people from different regions for prayer sessions. 

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Menengai crater, which is surrounded by lush forest, has plenty of plants which include flowers and grasses. 

The caldera has attracted tourists from across the world and has always been a good host for some sports such as camping, biking and hiking among few others. 

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However despite being a spot of spiritual prayers and sporting activities (named above) , local legends believe that Menengai crater is a mysterious place where strange things happen from time to time. 

What is the myth of Menengai crater?

Menengai crater is considered as one of haunted places in Kenya and there is definitely a story behind it. 

First and foremost, it’s claimed that the Menengai Caldera was a huge battleground between the Maasai warriors and the local chief (Laibon). 

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It’s believed that some Maasai warriors were killed and thrown into the crater. The crater has since remained a haunted place up to date with the warriors ‘crying’ for their justice. 

The Kikuyu refer to the crater as Kirima Kia Ngoma  (place of devils), and in that case legend has it that it is a home of several ghosts and demons

Now, in the past years the caldera has been well known for some mysterious activities such as the appearance of a flying umbrella each time it rains. 

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According to some residents, there are malevolent spirits haunting the crater and have sometimes kidnapped people and animals and concealed them in the netherworld.

Menengai crater deaths

In addition to the mysteries above, local legends say that some people who visit the crater have always died due to some unnatural forces. 

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It is believed that some tourists who visit the area disappear without a trace never to return and that has always raised several questions. Luckily, some people have found few hour or even days after losing directions.


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