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Mystery of Gedi Ruins, The ‘Lost City’ in Kenya and Why it Was Abandoned

The Gedi ruins have remained one of the most mysterious places in Kenya over many years. 

Now, in this segment Times Digital explores the history of Gedi Ruins and why it was abandoned by its residents. 

Gedi Ruins
Gedi Ruins, Photo courtesy

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Which county is Gedi ruins found?/ Where is Gedi ruins located?

Located in Kilifi County, south of Malindi and North of Watamu the Gedi occupies an area of around 44 hectares of land. 

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Gedi ‘the lost city’: PHOTO COURTESY

Gedi Ruins history

Gedi was a small town which was majorly built by rocks and stones. 

Most of the inhabitants of the town were the swahili people. 

It had two walls where the inner wall is where the rich people lived. On the other hand, the outer wall was mainly used for plantation and farming. 

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Abandoned town in Kenya, Gedi: PHOTO COURTESY
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The lost city in Kenya: PHOTO COURTESY

Having access to running water and flushing toilets made living in coral brick homes in Gedi a pleasure for the locals. 

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Evidence of the close ties of Gedi  residents to the outside world and their development of trading relationships with various cultures is provided by the discovery of objects such as Chinese vases and Venetian glasses. 

What happened in Gedi Ruins?

After many years of existence, the mysterious city has only remained a ‘ghost town‘ in Kenya 

This after all the residents of the small town deserted and left it completely. 

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Reasons for decline of Gedi

There are several theories that explain why the residents of Gedi departed for other places.

One theory claims that residents of Gedi fled the town after Galla people raided the area making it difficult to stay there.

Also, it is alleged that Gedi ruins lost all its residents due to lack of water where the wells dried up.


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