Richest Person in Kenya Whose Father Made Shs 1.6 Billion in 1 Hour

Richest Person in Kenya Whose Father Made Shs 1.6 Billion in 1 Hour

Kenya is the home of very many entrepreneurs and business people who have earned their fortune through hard work and dedication. 

They have not only had huge impacts in Kenya but also across the world.

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For instance, Kenya has several billionaires and millionaires who have invested in various sectors of the economy.

Who is the richest person in Kenya 2024? 

In this segment, Times Digital explores the richest person in Kenya, Sameer Merali. 

Sameer Merali net worth and Wealth 

As of now, Sameer is by far the richest person in Kenya. Sameer is the son of the late business tycoon Dr Naushad Noorali Merali.

According to a report by Nairobi Leo, Sameer’s net worth is an estimated $790 million. 

Following his father’s death a few years ago, Sameer now runs his family’s business empire. 

Richest person in Kenya, Sameer Merali
Richest man in Kenya, Sameer : PHOTO COURTESY

The Merali business empire has invested in various sectors which include IT, agriculture and manufacturing among many more. 

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Sameer Merali education background 

The businessman pursued a degree of Science in management Sciences at the King’s College in London, United Kingdom. 

Later, Sameer furthered his studies by pursuing a masters of Science degree in Banking and international Finance at the City University Business School, London. 

Image 1489
Sameer Merali daughter: PHOTO COURTESY

After completion of his education, he was employed at Merrill international Bank limited before joining his father’s company three years later. 

When Sameer Merali father, Dr Naushad Noorali made Shs 1.6 billion in an hour 

According to a report by  the late Naushad Noorali made a cool Shs 1.6 billion in just an hour due to his good decision making and sharp business mind. 

Image 7605
Naushad Noorali with former first lady Margaret Kenyatta

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Dr Naushad acquired most of his wealth via Savvy business deals for many years and at one point, he made the huge cash in one of the deals. 

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