Look alike Footballers brothers

Top 5 Football Players With Look-Alike Brothers [PHOTOS] 

Top 5 Football players with look-alike brothers; Siblings have always wanted to push each other to the edge, whether in football or when we’re at our wits’ end. However, some families are just full of footballers.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that some of the greatest soccer players in the world have a brother who follows them around; this tendency was most likely sparked by their mothers’ advice to take the brother to the park. They haven’t always been as successful as their siblings, though; occasionally, they’ve faded into obscurity or tried to hang on to their popularity for a little while longer.

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Top 5 Football Players With Look-Alike Brothers 

Abraham Brothers

The younger brother of Tammy Abraham gained notoriety after he signed his first professional contract. 

Top 5 Football Players With Look-Alike
photo courtesy/Abraham brothers

In 2018, Timmy Abraham joined Fulham on a professional contract, following in his brother’s footsteps.

The two brothers appear to share more characteristics than just their hairdo.

Timber Brothers

Top 5 Football Players With Look-Alike brothers
Photo courtesy/Timber brothers

The next superstar on our list is Jurrien, who left his twin brother Quinten in the Dutch League to relocate to England lately. Quinten played for Ajax, but he also played for Feyenoord, their rivals. Ajax Academy was where they both played before Quinten signed with Utrecht in 2021.

Quinten, in contrast to his defensive sibling, plays primarily in midfield. Although he has already represented his country at the younger levels, he has not yet been called up to the senior national squad.

Fellaini Brothers

It seems unlikely that Marounane Fellaini will be etched in stone outside of Old Trafford very soon.

Though he may not have inspired admiration from everyone at Carrington, Man United’s irreplaceable maverick will live on in history.

Top 5 Football Players With Look-Alike brothers
photo courtesy/Fellaini brothers

Jose Mourinho was once perplexed by Fellaini’s identical brother Marouane.

Before the two minted an unshakable friendship at Old Trafford, the two time Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was bracing for the threat that Fellaini posed as an opponent.

Mourinho took a glimpse for himself. “It didn’t smell right to me,” he said at the time.

“I go to Google and I put in ‘Fellaini brother’. The guy is the same.”

Toure Brothers

Like many others who went on to represent Ivory Coast, Yaya and Kolo Toure are brothers who come from ASEC Mimosas.

Look alike Footballers brothers
photo courtesy/Toure brothers

Yaya and Kolo Toure made history by winning titles both home and abroad.

Da Silva Brothers

Fábio and Rafael, who are identical twins, share a striking resemblance in appearance, particularly when they were playing on the same squad.The Da Silvas were residents of Petropolis, a town north of Rio, and they were on the same youth squad since they were five years old.

Look alike Footballers brothers
Photo courtesy/Da Silva brothers

When they were eleven years old, Fluminense’s academy put them in a dormitory with bigger, older guys.


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