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Ups & Downs: Life of Legendary Kenyan Boxer Conjestina Achieng During and After her Peak

The name Conjestina Achieng is well known in the Kenyan boxing industry as she set some standards that most female boxers find it hard to break up to date. 

However, just a few years after she reigned as a celebrated boxing champion in Kenya, she disappeared from the limelight. 

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This made her fans curious wondering what was happening to her behind the scenes despite earning several achievements within a short period of time. 

In this segment, Times Digital takes a look at outstanding moments during her peak and what happened to her after several years.

The rise of Conjestina Achieng

It all started when Conjestina discovered her ability to become a boxer and drew some inspiration from her brother who was a member of the national boxing team. 

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In the early 2000s, Kenyans were elated by a young and energetic Conjestina Achieng who was ready to represent the nation not only in Africa but across the world.

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The former boxing champion made her professional debut on 8 June 2002 after climbing several ranks in amateur. 

After beating Uganda’s Fiona Tugume, Conjestina Achieng made history as the first African woman to clinch an international title. 

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Her incredible talent saw her nicknamed the’ hand of stone’. During her career that spanned almost 9 years, she had an impressive record. According to stats, she featured in 27 boxing matches where she won 17, drew 4 and lost 6.

However Conjestina Achieng’s career was short lived as she disappeared from the scenes due to various challenges that many of her fans weren’t aware of. 

What happened to Conjestina Achieng?

The renowned Kenyan female boxer became ill after over a decade of participation in boxing. 

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What is Conjestina Achieng suffering from?

The celebrated former boxer was reportedly suffering from Schizoaffective disorder

This was made public by her own father, in January 2011 when he pleaded with Kenyans to help hospitalize her. Later, she was admitted to Mathare mental hospital as her normal behavior had gradually changed. 

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After a short stay at Mathare mental hospital, Conjestina Achieng was released but her condition continued to deteriorate.

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Some Celebrities in Kenya came out to help her with famous sports guru Carol Radul and comedian Churchill giving a helping hand.

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In 2023, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko became the most recent public figure to support Conjestina. 

Sonko did it in a different way as he enrolled her in a rehabilitation program at the Mombasa Women empowerment Network hospital, Miritini.

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Additionally, the flamboyant politician added the former boxer in his security detail where she would earn from her services. 


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