Mysterious Life Of “Githeri Man” After Fame And Fortune

Mysterious Life Of “Githeri Man” After Fame And Fortune

Githeri Man gained widespread attention for his exceptional personality, marked by his humility, perseverance, and unconventionality. During the 2017 Kenyan elections, a photo capturing him waiting in line to vote with a plastic pack of githeri in his left hand went viral, earning him the nickname.At the age of 43, he became an overnight sensation, attracting the attention of various businesses eager to capitalize on his newly found fame.

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Githeri man
PHOTO COURTESY|| Githeri man during 2017 General elections

What Githeri Man Attracted After Going Viral

In recognition of his unique character, he was awarded a piece of land in Ngong Hills, and his story inspired many individuals to embrace their own individuality and to always persevere, despite the challenges they may face. Despite the joyriders who profited from his image without offering any monetary compensation, his story remains an inspiration to many.

What Happened To The Land That Githeri Man was awarded?

Githeri man adamantly stated that the Ngong plot of land remained idle solely due to the fact that those who had pledged to build a shelter on the site had failed to follow through with their commitment.

Githeri man
PHOTO COURTESY|| Githeri man

Uhuru Kenyatta’s Gift 

Kamotho received the Head of State Commendation (HSC) in 2017, which makes him stand out from other HSC awardees.

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In 2017, Kamotho was called to the State House in Nairobi after receiving the HSC award.Uhuru Kenyatta gifted him Sh100,000.

Githeri Man
PHOTO COURTESY||Githeri man during a past event

Kamotho said that he didn’t know how he spent the money that was gifted to him. However, according to Citizen Digital, he claimed that he used the money to buy furniture for his beloved grandmother.

“I loved her. And that is why my wife and I agreed to buy her good furniture. Unfortunately, she died days later,”

Githeri man asserted.

Life of Githeri Man after Fame & Fortune 

In a previous interview with The Standard , Kamotho expressed his dissatisfaction with his life, stating that nothing had improved for him. His facial expressions showed his discontent.

Kamotho expressed feelings of remorse, hopelessness, and hurt. He believed that he would have fared better if he had received more practical support, such as business administration and money management training.

“There is nothing that has improved in my life since 2017. All the well-wishers and people who posed for pictures with me five years ago have disappeared,”

Githeri man

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