Youngest CEO in Kenya Who Owned First Company While 7 Months Old

Youngest CEO in Kenya Who Owned First Company While 7 Months Old

Who is the youngest CEO in Kenya?

Most of the CEOs around the world are known to have great experience and a couple of years in the business industry. 

However that is not the case when it comes to Asia Brown who became a CEO at a tender age of only 7 months. 

Youngest CEO in Kenya, Asia Brown
Asia Brown, the youngest CEO in Kenya with her father Brown Mauzo: PHOTO COURTESY

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Asia Brown the daughter of Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is not only one of the youngest CEOs in Kenya but across the world. 

When Asia Brown become the youngest CEO in Kenya 

This happened when Vera Sidika was celebrating her daughter, Asia Brown’s 7 Months after she was born. 

Image 1744
Vera Sidika and her daughter, Asia Brown: PHOTO COURTESY

The event took place in 2022, where Vera threw a flashy birthday party for her daughter. 

Surprisingly, the socialite launched a business company, (Asia Brown Babycare) for her own daughter who was turning 7 months.

Asia Brown Instagram 

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This was the first time such a young Kenyan would own a company hence making history as the youngest ever CEO in Kenya. 

“She is one of the world’s youngest CEOs…. I am so proud.” Vera Sidika said as quoted by The Sun.

More about Asia Brown Babycare 

The company under the name of Asia Brown is almost one year old now. It majorly deals with skincare and haircare products for babies. 

Image 352
Asia Brown Babycare products: PHOTO COURTESY

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The products offered by Asia Brown Babycare include Shampoos, creams and conditioners. 

Asia Brown remains the youngest CEO in Kenya upto date. 

Image 2886
Youngest CEO in Kenya, Asia Brown with her parents: PHOTO COURTESY

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