How Iconic Dunia Mbaya Hit-Maker Went Broke And Started Living In a Mud House

How Iconic Dunia Mbaya Hit-Maker Went Broke And Started Living In a Mud House

The song “Dunia Mbaya” by one Princess Jully, is undoubtedly still fresh in your memory. It got people dancing in their homes, at festivals, at bus stops and on national television.

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She enjoyed considerable success in the 1990s; she even paid 30,000 shillings a month to rent a house in Nairobi. The ex-Benga queen relocated to Nairobi to pursue her musical career following the death of her spouse, Prince Jully, in 1997.

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As per, Auma returned to Suna West sub-county and began working in mines for 300 shillings per day. Moreover, she had to trek more than 50 km to make ends meet, and the county considered her life a complete failure. Fun fact: “Dunia Mbaya” was a national awareness campaign song on HIV/AIDS.

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According to and The Star, Princess Jully went to stay in a mud house at his rural home in 2015.

Following reports by media outlets that the well-known Dholuo singer Princess Jully was living in extreme poverty, her son Makajully disclosed the reason behind her widely reported demise.

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Speaking to Citizen Digital, Julian revealed that his mother’s bankruptcy was caused by his extravagant lifestyle, poor financial management, and altruistic giving.

In an article by The Star Princess Jully’s son claimed that his mother was so focused on serving others that she frequently neglected her own family.

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The musician, who occasionally played with her band of eight at different Nairobi clubs, accused local promoters of being biased.

The Dunia Mbaya hitmaker was born in a village dubbed Makalda in South Nyanza.Sadly, When she was only one week old,Her father sadly passed away leaving her mother,who was a farmer on their small-scale piece of land as the family’s provider.

In terms of her rise to fame, Jully has gone a long way. Her early musical influences came from her grandmother, Benta Nyar Kanyamkago Nyagolima, the first female chief in Nyanza Province.

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However, the songbird’s life has never been a bed of roses. Her lack of school fees caused her to drop out of school while she was in Form One. Later on,she became pregnant at a very young age.

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In her community at the time, being pregnant before getting married was frowned upon. Even though she was rejected, the young lady who battled against all odds to become famous didn’t give up.

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