Meet Ngina Kenyatta’s Media Shy Husband

Meet Ngina Kenyatta’s Media Shy Husband


Ngina Kenyatta, the former first daughter, got married to her boyfriend, Alex Mwai, on June 18, 2022.

The love birds had a traditional wedding in Nairobi, whereby Uhuru, his wife Margaret, their children, some family members and friends attended the secret gathering.

Traditional weddings have specific customs that must be followed. These customs include exchanging rings and vows, the parents introducing themselves, a priest giving a blessing, or signing a marriage contract. However, modern weddings are usually more focused on the couple’s individual preferences and choices.

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The ceremony was a way for Alex and his family to officially unite with the Kenyatta family. It incorporated all the cultural rituals of a Kikuyu marriage. The ceremony portrayed that Alex was hailed and ratified as part of the Kenyatta household because he was going to wed their daughter.

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Nevertheless, this is not the first wedding in the retired President’s family.

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Pictures from Ngina and Mwai’s wedding were posted on the internet by their close family friend Miano, and also by blogger Edgar Obare.

Alex Mwai is the son of Mr Sam Mwai, who is the General Manager of the Karen Club.

Alex governs investments at a company dubbed Hesabu. Before that, he used to work for a company called Ken Gen. He has a bachelor’s degree from Dedham University in the UK and ABF from IEB school in Real Madrid.

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In October 2016, President Uhuru’s eldest son Jomo Kenyatta and his long-time term girlfriend Achola Ngobi got wedded in a traditional ceremony.

In December of that year, the former first household did the definitive traditional marriage ceremony before Jomo’s marriage.

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PHOTO COURTESY; Ngina Kenyatta

In 2021, Ngina Kenyatta had her first baby at a hospital in the city. Ngina Kenyatta, is known for keeping her personal life out of the public eye.

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