Richest Kisii People in Kenya, Fred Matiangi

6 Richest Kisii People in Kenya

The Kisii community who are bantu speakers from Nyanza region are one of the most hardworking tribes in Kenya. 

Through this, the richest Kisii people have been able to battle with other wealthy people from other communities. 

In addition, the kisii people have earned fortunes through high ranking jobs in the government and a good example is former cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi and Simeon Nyachae. 

What are Kisii people known for? 

They are majorly known for planting bananas & indigenous vegetables and also carving soapstone. 

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Apart from these activities, the Abagusii community has produced some of the successful business people through their engagement in various entrepreneurship. 

Now in this segment, Times Digital explores some of the richest Kisii people in Kenya.

List of the Richest Kisii People in Kenya

Simeon Nyachae family


Simeon Nyachae rose to fame as he served as a minister during the Moi regime. 

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According to The Star, the former Minister has ventured into several businesses. As per the article, it is revealed that has earned a fortune from some of his investments which include the Sansora group. 

The company majorly focuses in flour and wheat, agriculture, banking and Real estate. 

Nyachae reportedly owns tea farms in Zimbabwe and South Africa and also a ranch in Australia. 

Simeon Nyachae net worth is yet to be disclosed but it’s alleged that he is over Shs 110 billion. 

Ouru Brothers-Ouro Superstores

Ouru Brothers who own the Ouru Superstores in Kisii town, have employed several people in their business empires. 

They are with no doubt one of the richest Kisii people in the region as they’ve also heavily invested in real estate. 

Dr Fred Matiangi

Former cabinet secretary Fred Matiangi is well known for his harsh and no nonsense leadership style. He served as CS almost throughout the entire regime of former president Uhuru Kenyatta where he rose through the ranks through the years. 

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In addition to his leadership, Matiangi is a successful businessman who has invested in different businesses. 

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His success in business has seen him own a couple of homes including one in Karen and a tract of land in Simbuati farm.

Due to the above, Fred Matiangi is considered as one of the richest Kisii people in the country. 

Evans Nyagaka Anyona-Owner Ena Coach

Despite not completing his high school education, Evans Nyagaka is one of the richest Kisii people. Through hard work, Nyagaya first ventured into the transport industry where he founded the Transline classic company. 

Through persistence, he then came up with another bus company, Ena Coaches that has now grown to one of the most successful bus companies in Kenya. 

James Ongwae

The former Kisii Governor is with no doubt one of richest Kisii people in Kenya. Through his wealth, James Ongwae owns several palatial houses. 

Joash Maangi

The former Kisii deputy Governor has vast experience in marketing and law.

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Throughout the years, Joash Maangi has managed to make millions from businesses and also as a politician. 

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According to Wok, he has a palatial house that cost a whopping Shs 50 million.

Hence Joash Maangi is one of the richest Kisii people in the Nyanza region. 


Kimanzi Alexandre

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