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Life of Iconic Kenyan Actor, OJ Years After Departing Tahidi High

Ex Tahidi High actor OJ (real name Dennis Mugo) was a household name in Kenya for several years due to his ‘bad boy’ role in the Citizen TV show.

However his fame gradually faded away after parting ways with Tahidi High due to various circumstances. 

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So, what really happened to OJ Tahidi after leaving the Citizen TV school? 

Times Digital covers the life and challenges that Dennis Mugo has faced since his departure from Tahidi High. 

What happened to OJ Tahidi High?

Dennis Mugo, popularly known as OJ, became just a ‘nobody’ in the society just a few years after leaving Tahidi High. 

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Speaking during a past interview, OJ revealed that his life was never the same again during his time off the screens. 

This affected so much that it resulted in depression forcing him to cover it with alcoholism and smoking. 

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OJ further revealed that during his lowest points, his stress was pushing him in the wrong direction and that he was not thinking about the future.

“…I got to a point in life where depression ilinigonga, a good one. So I could cover it up with humor, alcohol, smoking, with a lot of things…” OJ said in a past interview.

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Separation with wife

During the period while he was still a drunkard, OJ of Tahidi high was blessed with a son Ethan. 

Sadly, his wife (now baby mama) didn’t tolerate his alcoholism and depression hence left him with no time. 

“At that time I got my son Ethan with my Baby Mama… During those times she was my wife but she left me because of alcoholism and depression,” he revealed as quoted by The Standard.


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Years after suffering from depression and alcoholism, the former Tahidi High took a positive step by slowly quitting alcohol.

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OJ’s return to Tahidi high

After reforming successfully , OJ returned to Tahidi High a few years ago. However he had a new role in the Citizen TV show where he was a teacher alongside the likes of Mr Karimi.

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After appearing in several episodes as a teacher, he then left the show where he carried on with his personal activities.

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