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Kanye West Before Fame & His Incredible Journey to Success [PHOTOS]


Before Kanye West ‘Ye’ became famous and successful, he was just a young aspiring rapper with big dreams. Despite being very controversial, Kanye is undoubtedly one of the best ‘living’ rappers in the world at teg moment.

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But how did Kanye West become famous? 

Times Digital delves into the life of Kanye West before fame and how he rose to prominence throughout the years. 

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Kanye West before fame 

Kanye West (real name Kanye Omari West) was born and raised in Chicago. The rapper was raised by his late mother Donda West who played a major inspiration in his music journey. 

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For instance, Donda West (Kanye West’s mother) is the inspiration behind the US rapper’s album ‘Donda West‘ and singles such as ‘Coldest Winter’ and ‘Hey Mama‘.

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At the tender age of 5, Kanye had already started to compose poems and 8 years later, (while only 13 years old) he had already noted down his first rap song ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. 

Kanye West remained consistent (with his new music journey) for several years before he dropped out of Chicago State University. 

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As they say, ‘everything happens for a reason’. Kanye Omari West’s life took a turning point after dropping out of school as he now fully concentrated in his ‘artistic world’ of music and production.

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What happened to Kanye West?

However as Kanye West was curious to breakthrough into the rap industry something horrible happened to him. 

This is as the prolific rapper was involved in a deadly accident, in October 2002. The accident happened as Ye returned from a recording session as he headed back home. He was involved in a head-on car collision as he was sleeping while still driving his car. 

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The accident that nearly took his life, left  jaw wired shut. He was then hurriedly rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. 

The surgery required a metal plate to be placed into Kanye West’s chin and his mouth wired to be shut for at least one month. 

How did Kanye West rise to fame

Luckily, after recovering from the scary accident, Ye would use the stepping stone towards his music journey. 

This is as he released his debut album ‘The college dropout’ almost 2 years after the tragic accident. The album which featured singles such as ‘Jesus walks’ and ‘Through the wire’ received a huge commercial success as Kanye West was seen as an unique rapper in the hip-hop industry. 

Kanye West achievements

Since his breakthrough, Ye maintained his consistency not only in music but also fashion. In the music industry, Kanye West has undoubtedly become one of the best rappers in the business. 

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For instance, he has won several awards which include MTV video music award in 2015, MTV video music award 2017 and Grammy awards best contemporary Christian music Album 2020 among other awards.

In addition, Ye is one of the most selling artists around the world with over 160 million records sold. 


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