5 Renowned Kenyan Celebs Who Have Fixed Their Teeth To Look Amazing

5 Renowned Kenyan Celebs Who Have Fixed Their Teeth To Look Amazing

Kenyan Celebs who have fixed their teeth; Have you ever wondered how your favourite Kenyan celebrities maintain their perfect smiles?

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Kenyan Celebs who have fixed their teeth

List of Kenyan Celebs Who Have Fixed Their Teeth Fixed 

Timesdigital.co.ke presents you a list of 5 Kenyans who fixed their teeth.

Bridget Achieng 

Being in the public eye can be tough, especially when everyone has high expectations of you. But did you know that some celebrities have had to deal with online abuse and bullying? In fact, Bridget achieng fixed her teeth after 25 years of dealing with constant criticism. 

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Stivo Simple Boy

But it’s not just Bridget who has had dental work done. Stivo Simple Boy, the talented Kenyan artist, caused a stir on social media when he revealed his new appearance after a teeth alignment procedure . The before and after photos he posted left online users speechless at how incredible he looked after straightening his teeth. 

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Vera Sidika

And who can forget the stunning Vera Sidika? She has been open about her cosmetic procedures , including veneers she received in the US. In fact, she paid Sh60,000 for chest and dental procedures in 2018. 

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Flaqo Ras

Another celebrity who has improved his dental formula is Flaqo Ras. After seeing a dentist, he recorded the operation on camera as his dentist worked step-by-step to install his new crown on his front canines and incisors. 

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Huddah Monroe

Last but not least on our list of Kenyan Celebs who have fixed their teeth, there’s Huddah Monroe. Despite losing four teeth when she was younger, she now has a gorgeous smile that lights up her face. 

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It’s clear that dental work can make a big difference in a celebrity’s life, not just aesthetically, but also boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

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