‘Street Kid’ Lexy of Becky Real Name, Age, Background & Real Life Photos

‘Street Kid’ Lexy of Becky Real Name, Age, Background & Real Life Photos


Lexy of Becky real name, Amina Hussein is currently the most sought after actress in the Citizen TV drama series due to her ‘unique’ role.

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Lexy in Becky with Lucy Maina actress : PHOTO COURTESY

However, less information about her is in the public domain. 

Lexy of Becky and Tito
Lexy of Becky with Tito Becky: PHOTO Screenshot

Now in this segment, Times Digital explores Lexy Becky, her role in Becky Citizen TV and her acting career.

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Becky actress Lexy: PHOTO COURTESY

Lexy of Becky age 

More information about Amina Hussein Lexy age and when she was born is yet to be revealed on social media. 

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In case of any update, we will keep you informed.

Amina Hussein actress
Amina Hussein actress : PHOTO COURTESY

Who is Lexy in Becky Citizen TV?

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Martha of Becky : PHOTO COURTESY

In Becky Citizen TV, Lexy is a street kid who falls in love with Tito who just broke up with Lucy Maina Becky

Becky citizen TV main actress tribe
Lucy Maina Becky and Trisha Khalid of Becky: PHOTO COURTESY

In turn of events, Lexy of Becky realizes that she is the daughter of Martha Katana and sister to Andrew Levi ‘Junior.

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After the discovery, she moves out of the streets together with Tito to stay in her mother’s mansion.

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Becky actress Lexy: PHOTO COURTESY

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Amina Hussein actress, Lexy of Becky acting career

Amina Hussein actress, Lexy of Becky
Amina Hussein actress :PHOTO COURTESY

Prior to appearing in Becky Citizen TV, Lexy featured in several drama series which include Kina, Selina and Crime & Justice. 

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During a past interview, Lexy of Becky revealed that she draws her inspiration from her mother and culture. 

Her acting journey kicked off in 2020 and her main goal is to see the Kenyan industry reach the Hollywood levels. 

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Lexy Becky Citizen TV: PHOTO COURTESY

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Lexy of Becky real life

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Apart from acting, Amina Hussein Lexy is a Commercial model and even collaborated with Safaricom in the past. 

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More about her family and relationships is yet to be revealed.

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