Best hotels in Kenya

10 Best Hotels in Kenya That Will Give You Unforgettable Experiences

Top Hotels in Kenya;

Kenya’s large diversity contains a tremendous deal of beauty so much so that folks who have a thirst for knowledge are unsure of where to start all the time. It can be challenging to select the top hotels in Kenya.

In addition to the wildlife, jungle safari, and excitement, Kenya also has a bizarre side that is frequently overlooked and underappreciated. 

Some of the Unique hotels in Kenya treat guests to the best of nature throughout a soul-stirring trip in order to make them feel blissful amidst the bush.

Best Hotels in Kenya

Kenya has developed a robust luxury infrastructure in recent years. You’ll need the perfect hotel to make the most of your stay there, regardless of whether your trip is all about exploration, curiosity, or adventure. 

In this article, Times Digital has compiled some of the best 5 star hotels in Kenya that will cater for almost all needs of visitors from across the world. 

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List of top hotels in Kenya 

Laico Regency Hotel 

Before it changed its name, it was popularly known as the Grand Regency Hotel. Laico is top-tier real estate in Kenya. Visitors are immediately wowed by the magnificent anteroom decor with flickering chandeliers, towering roofs, great artwork, and a refined style that never feels stuffy at this fantastic, nature-inspired resort nestled in the center of Nairobi City.

This upscale atmosphere permeates all 12 storeys of the building, which towers over Nairobi’s opulent Central Park.

It features a spa, a beautiful outdoor pool piazza, and upscale dining options with unrestricted views of the chamber in the center, which is surrounded by an atrium garden thus making it one of the luxurious hotels in Kenya. 

Villa Rosa Kempinski 

The majestic Villa Rosa Kempinski, a 10-story hotel with a rose-hued exterior on the outskirts of the commercial center, is a great starting point to explore Nairobi. The hotel’s multiple dining options, first-rate spa and swimming pool will give you a reason to stay in and take advantage of high class services.

Best Hotels in Kenya
One of the luxurious hotels in Kenya

Sarova Stanley 

Since it opened as Kenya’s first upscale hotel in 1902, Sarova Stanley has led the way when it comes to opulent services.

Author Ernest Hemingway, musician Frank Sinatra, and Edward Prince of Wales are just a few of the well-known visitors who stayed at the hotel.

The Sarova Stanley offers Nairobi’s greatest 5-Star hotel experience by preserving the character and tradition of the building while also providing cutting-edge amenities and renowned service.

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The hotel also has a garden, a glitzy jazz bar, and a rooftop pool.

Nairobi Serena Hotel 

The sophisticated Nairobi Nairobi Serena Hotel is a rich fusion of Ethiopian, Maghreb, West African, and East African design culture. It invites you to make a five-star residence your home away from home. It is a calm and stylish haven in a bustling metropolis.

Best Hotels in Kenya
Nairobi Serena Hotel, one of the best hotels in Kenya

It has at least 183 guest rooms and suites feature a rich fusion of world design trends and Pan-African flare. 

They have recently undergone renovations and are furnished with the coveted extravagances anticipated from one of Nairobi’s top hotels.


For both business and pleasure tourists, the corporate amenities at Hemingway provide a suitable balance of seclusion and metropolitan proximity. It has a beautiful symmetry and a large, airy plantation style that is drenched in natural light. 

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The stunning view of the Long Hills from your bedroom’s private balcony will not fail to impress. The Executive Chef skillfully prepares the a la carte meal in the private dining area to your specifications thus being among the most sort after hotels in Kenya.

Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club Hotel 

It is located in the vicinity of Nanyuki, Mt Kenya region. 

The hotel provides a wide range of amenities, including meals and lodging, a gift store, a concierge, babysitting, laundry services, and currency exchange.

They also provide outdoor activities like playing golf on the equator, riding horses through the forest, visiting an animal orphanage, and dining in the wilderness.

Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club has a 9-hole, meticulously maintained golf course that appears to be the only one in Africa that is split by the equator.

Karen Blixen Camp hotel 

Karen Blixen Camp, a luxurious eco-camp on the banks of the Mara River, combines romance, family time, and adventure to create a special setting where everyone feels at home. 

It is situated in one of the Mara North Conservancy’s densest and most private wildlife conservancies. There are plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation at the Karen the river, and open bush plains. It is situated in one of the Mara North Conservancy’s densest and most private wildlife conservancies. There are plenty of opportunities for fun and relaxation at the Karen Blixen Camp.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge 

It is situated in the Maasai Mara National Reserve’s well known “Mara Triangle,” which is quite strategically located.

Maasai Mara Serena Safari Lodge has maintained its distinction as the top destination for a classic African safari thus making it one of the unique hotels in Kenya. 

Fairmont Mara Safari Club 

Fairmont Mara Safari Club is one of the luxurious hotels in Kenya and is located at the well-known Maasai Mara Game Reserve. It offers an outdoor pool, a lounge, a restaurant, thrilling game drives, and some of the most picturesque sundowner beverages and dining options in the bush.

Ol Donyo Lodge 

Ol Donyo Lodge is situated in the foothills that surround the Chyulu Hills National Park on the exclusive Mbirikani Group Ranch, which is situated at the Tsavo East.

Image 7052
Ol Donyo Lodge, also one of the best hotels in Kenya

Visitors can participate in a variety of conservation, outreach programs and enjoy various services. 


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