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The Most Expensive Hotel in Kenya That Charges Shs1.5 Million For a Short Stay


Which is the most expensive hotel in Kenya?

Kenya has very many hotels which offer various high class services to their clients. 

These five-star accommodations focus on providing individualized care, offering anything from private aircraft that land on palm-fringed islands in the middle of the ocean to 24-hour access to on-site butlers and chefs.

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There’s not much that visitors to these establishments can’t have or experience, from lavish meals to cutting edge spa services, and that’s part of the draw.

In this segment, Times Digital focuses on the most expensive hotel in Kenya, Sirai house. 

Most expensive hotel in Kenya, Sirai house
The most expensive hotel in Kenya, Sirai house: PHOTO COURTESY

Sirai hotel in Kenya owner

The Sirai house, which is one of the most expensive hotels in Kenya, is owned by British politician Michael Alan Spencer. 

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He initially amassed wealth through NEX’s predecessor company, ICAP Plc. Spencer became one of the most well-known figures in the City of London as the company expanded to become the largest broker of bank transactions in the world. 

Sirai hotel location

The Sirai house is located in Laikipia County, at Borana Conservancy just at the foot of Mt Kenya. 

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The lodge is situated on a 250 acre of land high on a ridge which is surrounded by plains, game rich hills and indigenous forests. 

Sirai hotel in Kenya price

According to local publication Pulse Kenya, the hotel owned by the United Kingdom politician, charges Shs 4.7 million for only a short stay.

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Also as per the report, anyone who wants to spend time in Sarai Hotel has to be ready to pay at least Shs1.5 million per night ($14,000), and the clients will have to stay there for a minimum of 3 days.

Sirai hotel in Kenya, most expensive hotel in Kenya
Sirai hotel in Kenya, the most expensive hotel in Kenya

While at the lodge some of the Sirai hotel activities that are majorly offered include riding safaris, game drives, fly camping among other more.

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Hope your time at the Sirai house which is termed as one of the most expensive hotels in Kenya gives you unforgettable experiences. 

Siria hotel in Kenya, most expensive hotel in Kenya
Sirai hotel in Kenya expensive facilities: PHOTO COURTESY

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