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First Kenyan to Buy a Car; He Bought it At Shs 300

Today many Kenyans just like citizens from other countries have purchased cars of their own desire. 

This is as Kenya has transformed throughout the years hence connecting many regions by road transport.

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Cars, which are the main means of road transport play a very important role in the daily lives of Kenyans, be it long-distance transport or commuting from day to day.

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How many Kenyans own cars?

Unlike in the past few decades, the number of Kenyans who have the ability to buy a car has significantly increased. 

According to Business Today, at least 3.9 million Kenyans (7.7%  out of the possible 50 million) own cars. 

However one man still stands out as the first ever Kenyan to buy a car. In that case, Times Digital provides details of Gerald Gikonyo Kanyuira, who happens to be the first Kenyan to own a car.

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Gerald Gikonyo, former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Evans Kidero: PHOTO COURTESY

Who was the first Kenyan to own a car?

Kenya was a young nation with many Africans not used to cars and other automobiles but Mr Gerald Gikonyo and his ally were dreaming big. 

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The two who were young men then, decided to raise an amount (Shs 300) that was required to buy an A30 Austin.

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Gikonyo and his friend, each raised Shs 150 and finally purchased the Austin. Up to date Gerald Gikonyo is still remembered/recognized as the first Kenyan man to buy a car.

Who is Gerald Gikonyo?

Gerald is a business mogul in Kenya who is well known for his ownership of Sabina Joy. 

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His journey to success is quite inspirational as he was first employed at the Mathari Catholic Mission (Nyeri) where he earned only Shs 4 per month (Definitely at that time, Shs 4 was a huge amount of money). 

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Gikonyo with his wife: PHOTO COURTESY

Gerald Gikonyo invested savings from his salary in goats which he later sold to help him relocate to Nairobi (1920s). 

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While in Nairobi, he was lucky to be employed at the Kenya planters’ cooperative union where his salary rose significantly (to Shs 20 per month). 

From then on, Gikonyo was involved in several businesses which saw him progess with his dream of becoming a well established entrepreneur in Kenya.

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Former President Uhuru Kenyatta with Gikonyo: PHOTO COURTESY

He has invested in several business ventures such as the real estate industry, hospitality and Agriculture. 


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