Otile brown before fame

Otile Brown Before Fame & Money; When He Hawked Shoes For Survival


Otile Brown whose real name is Jacob Obunga is a celebrated Rnb musician, songwriter and actor. 

However before he became popular and successful, Otile faced a tough life in his childhood and even after completing secondary education. 

Now, Times Digital explores Otile Brown’s journey to stardom which has not been very easy. 

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How old was Otile Brown when he started singing?

Jacob Obunga started singing and writing songs at a young age of 13 while still in school.

However the songwriter first came to limelight in his 20s after releasing his debut single Nishike Mkono. 

The song was an instant hit in the Kenya music industry and it was a game changer in Otile’s music journey. 

Otile brown before fame

Since then, Otile Brown has become very successful in the industry where he has released numerous popular songs which include, Chaguo la Moyo, Dushelele, Kistaarabu, Dusuma and Baby love among others. 

What awards has Otile Brown won? 

Success of the swahili R&b singer has seen him brag several awards and nominations including, “Male Video of the Year” at Pulse Music Awards 2018. 

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Otile Brown before he became famous 

Before venturing into the music industry the Mombasa based singer was selling mutumba not knowing his success was just a few steps ahead. 

During a past interview with Wasafi TV, Otile revealed that he struggled a lot after completing high school education. He would make his own soap so as to make ends meet. 

Otile brown before fame

After making little money from his soap business , Otile Brown relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi where he started hawking shoes from door to door. 

By doing the business, Otile Brown made money that sustained him before his breakthrough in the music industry. 

“.. I was looking for ways to make money because I did not come from a well off family.  I was even in the business of making my own soap…. After making money, I came to Nairobi. I had to look for ways to make money here so I venture into hawking Masai shoes house to house. Back then Nairobi did not have the original ones so I made money..” Otile Brown said as quoted by Kiss FM

Otile brown before fame

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Otile Brown businesses now 

Being business minded, the musician does not make money from his songs alone. He has invested in several business sectors which include real estate and shoe selling in Mombasa. 

Does Otile Brown have a child

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