Vera Sidika New Look Compared to Her Appearance Before Fame

Vera Sidika New Look Compared to Her Appearance Before Fame

Vera Sidika real name, Vera Sidika Mung’asia is a Kenyan socialite, actress and business woman. 

Vera’s huge following on social media and success in entrepreneurship has seen her become a public figure in not only in Kenya but also in Africa. 

Vera Sidika new look
Vera Sidika new look:PHOTO COURTESY

However Vera Sidika new look has been the main subject of the socialite in the recent past. 

In this segment, Times Digital explores Vera Sidika new look and what she was doing before fame and surgery. 

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Vera Sidika new look photos

The business lady who became wealthy after fame, underwent a cosmetic surgery in 2014.

Vera Sidika new look
Vera Sidika new look:PHOTO COURTESY

Vera Sidika new look which changed her entire physical appearance was highly criticized by a section of Kenyans but she never bothered.

Vera Sidika new look
Vera Sidika new look :PHOTO COURTESY

According to an article by K24, the process of Vera Sidika surgery cost around Shs 15 million. 

During a past interview, the socialite answered her critics as she exumed confidence citing that she earned more fortune through her new look. 

Vera Sidika net worth
Vera Sidika Instagram:PHOTO COURTESY

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“Looking good is my business. My body is my business, nobody else’s but mine,” Vera said as quoted by K24

Vera Sidika old photos

Prior to Vera Sidika new look and controversies, she was a fashion model where she participated in several contests such as Miss Kenya coast pageant while she was only 17 years old.

Image 8094

The socialite grew up in the coast region of Kenya despite being of Luhya tribe. Vera Sidika learned a lot from her mother who was a business person. Vera Sidika mother ran two boutiques and a computer college. 

Image 8879

What made Vera Sidika famous? 

Vera Sidika came to limelight through P-unit’s hit song You Guy, in 2012 where she was featured as the main vixen. 

Image 6933

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Though the video was very controversial at the time, it was a huge stepping stone to Vera Sidika.

Image 8913

Years later, Vera Sidika new look earned her another opportunity to be a vixen in Prezzo’s song My Gal.

Thanks to these opportunities, Vera Sidika now has become a household name in addition to her success in business and also acting.

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