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The ‘Haunted’ House in Ruiru & Tales Behind its Mystery

Kenya just like most of the countries across the world has some haunted or mysterious places which draw attraction globally.

These locations attract inquisitive tourists looking to learn the truth because of their unsettling stories andstrange happenings. Haunted locations attract with residual feeling of the paranormal, whether it’s through accounts of disembodied voices or spooky experiences.

Therefore, visiting these locations offers a window into the unknown and an opportunity to solve historical puzzles, regardless of your level of belief.

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Now Times Digital explores one of the most haunted houses in Kenya. 

Is there a haunted house in Kenya?

The infamous Ruiru house, shrouded in mystery, stands out as one of Kenya’s hauntingly eerie locations.

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Story behind the haunted house in Ruiru

Erected in 1990, this house sits stoically, less than 20 meters from the bustling Ruiru-Kiambu road, yet remains untouched by human occupancy for over 30 years.

Adjacent to it stands “Moon Hunters,” a lively abode constructed in the early 2000s, its rooms are reportedly filled with the laughter and stories of its inhabitants.

In stark contrast, the three-story edifice exudes an aura of opulence and wealth, yet lies desolate, succumbing to the relentless grasp of neglect and decay. Local whispers attribute its abandonment to the chilling accounts of unseen, malevolent forces haunting its rooms.

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According to local legend, residents who settled near the house recounted stories of inexplicable occurrences, such as stones being hurled at them by unseen entities.

Current situation of the ‘haunted Ruiru house’

The once-stately structure, with its dusty, broken windows and expansive compound, is now a haven for weeds. The tiled roof, once a symbol of elegance, is now obscured by a carpet of grass.

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Despite its grandeur, residents find themselves perplexed by the contrast between the haunted Ruiru building‘s former glory and its current state, surrounded as it is by corrugated iron sheets at the front and back.


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